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My mission in life is to help you wake up to more of your sensual, sexual and spiritual potential.

To help you experience a different way of relating. So you feel more fulfilled and whole and secure within.

Using the principles of tantra, energy work such as qigong and a whole host of techniques I will help you work through and uncover the blocks holding you back from experiencing yourself as a divine sexual being (in moments of course) which will begin to transform you from the inside and eventually touch every aspect of your life bringing more joy and radiance.

I've been practising tantra for some years now and learnt a whole lot about myself and my sexuality. I've learnt it is the key to unlocking the power within and balancing your life out, helping you be more loving and kind to yourself and to those who are dear to you. It also opens the way to a beautiful expansive connection to your divinity and a feeling of certainty within.

When you get to restore your own internal sovereignty (which these practices and journey will do) your life will begin to blossom. 

If you are in a relationship it can transform your relating and I believe better harmony and relating amongst loving couples will transform the world. That is why I do the work I do.


If you are single, then you are in a great place to transform your inner attractiveness and relationship to life and open you more to love on the outside.  

Why me?

What makes me qualified to bring this to you? It's been a calling for some time and my life experiences have taught me a lot of tools to bring this work to you. I kept resisting teaching this but could not avoid if any longer. Read below to find out why.

Some years ago life gave me yet another wake up call but this time I really had to listen. A cascade of events lead me to feeling ungrounded and destabilised. I went into an emotional bunker just to survive. My health suffered and I had body pains that told me something was not right.

I began to feel the cold more than usual, my energy levels were low and although I did function quite adequately and things looked normal on the outside there was a low level of underlying anxiety, sadness and stress on the inside. Stress over things I could not control. Anxiety due to poor breathing patterns and blocked energy. And sadness as I was not living my passion, enjoying my life and ignoring the call to do.

Needless to say my libido and zest for life also suffered.

Being a nutritionist, homoeopath and qigong practitioner, I used all these tools to bring harmony but it was not enough. My body said fix it now. So I took time and went within learning what was needed to restore my health, body, mind, soul and spirit.

The result was the pain disappeared, my energy levels and zest for life returned. In effect, I became an expert in fast-tracking vitality and health from within. And as I felt better about myself, everything became easier.

I work mainly with woman and as an expert in inner radiance, I’m a bit like the fast ferry to sunshine island (which is a woman's natural state of being). I know the exact practices that will supercharge your energy levels, sexuality and inner glow and which steps to do them in. I draw on ancient traditions such as chakra work, qigong, tantra, yoga and modern know-how in nutrition and homoeopathy and take the best of these to create a fast and reliable way to get results and transformation both inner and outer.

That's why women who work with me gain confidence and a new-found deep sense of inner worthiness as a woman which affects everything they do, and they just glow from the inside out. Their energy is contagious and dynamic and people want to be around them.

Yet the most important thing is they begin to love their life again, love themselves and have joy in their daily routines.

I’ve created a unique blend of modern and ancient wisdom practices that enable a woman to completely transform on the inside. I call it inner radiance coaching. You get your inner joy back, your passion for life and knowing what your calling is and how to fulfil it.

You also begin to feel, maybe for the first time, in a very long while, that you are enough and you know how to feel fulfilled from the inside, no longer needing anyone or anything on the outside to make you feel centred, at peace and in equilibrium. That is the greatest gift a woman can have.

My program is particularly beneficial for mothers whose children are growing up and they find their lives empty and their relationships lacklustre.


It's also great for executive women who’ve had to tone down their feminine in order to get along in the "masculine world of business” and for those women looking for a special mate, as this program will speed-dial you into your own feminine power and awaken the sexual diva that every woman is capable of.

And when women work with me they receive: 

  • An objective assessment of where they are at, their main challenges and the know-how to overcome these.

  • An experiential journey where they grow as the program progresses, with each weeks' practice building you up on the inside, giving you inner confidence and poise. Because when you learn something in your body it never forgets and you are forever improved with that deep wisdom and knowledge.

  • Support to help you transform into the stunningly beautiful woman you are underneath those layers of disconnection and neglect, resulting in restored healthfulness, energy, vitality, zest and sexual fire.

  • Glowing radiance inside and out which allows you to create what you truly desire and draws people and opportunities to you as if by magic.


I've come to this work as I am really passionate about helping women transform themselves so they can create a better life for themselves and those they love.

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