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Can you feel it?

So I’m in the backyard doing a quick qigong routine. It is a break from my usual go and have a cup of tea I’d normally be doing at that time of the day.

Anyway I take the time to allow myself to feel, in my body, the aliveness and it astounds me. Most often I go around in a closed state, stopping sometimes for smelling the roses, admiring the bursting flowers of spring and savouring through my senses and this is nice, really nice.

But when I made the conscious effort today to be open to receive, I notice the flood of life energy is streaming through. It doesn’t require me to be anything, do anything, change anything except pause and enquire and be open to allowing. This is life energy and my life energy.

It brings me closer to vibrancy and my life instantly becomes richer.

If you could do with some more energy try this 2 minute routine today.

1. Find a place with grass or sand. Take off your shoes and place your feet shoulder width apart. Shake your body for 30 seconds.

2. Stop and notice the sensations, the tingling, warmth, energy moving, maybe even your heart beat and from there,

3. Soften and actively give yourself permission to receive the life force all around. Just for a few seconds.

Enjoy and replenish.

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