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Caught up in strong emotion? - its body time

Strong reactions and the accompanying feelings can be overwhelming and confusing.

Yet your emotions point the way to deeper issues within. When you get triggered it is for a good reason which you may not be even remotely aware of but your body does.

The deeper the issue, the more it is buried in your psyche somewhere.

The secret lies in your body, your breath and your nervous system.

That’s why I use homoeopathy to help with emotional issues and also why I treat even physical symptoms from an emotional perspective.

Case in point, I once had a client who had sudden dizziness of no known physical origin. Using homeopathy we dealt with an emotional trigger (caused by a particular social situation) which cured the dizziness.

You see, the body knows what to do. It creates symptoms ranging from emotional, mental and physical to correct the imbalance. Your symptoms are valuable and guide us to the solution as it is the body’s best attempt to restore homoeostasis.

The way homoeopathy helps is to work with the symptoms and support the body to do what it does best anyway, heal itself.

Or you can use the breath and awareness of the body to instinctively guide you to better health.

There are a large number of tools to aid this process but they all centre on taking notice and bringing attention and then some action, even if it is allowing the body to involuntarily do its thing.

If you’d like to find out more about how your body can help you heal, book an appointment today.

Your body will certainly thank you for it!

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