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COVID 19– Choice, Connection, Care, Compassion.

What can we learn from this?

We have a choice how we respond, what we think and what we give our energy to.

Fear or panic is always an option. But what else can you choose?

While you go about your day take time to reflect. Go within and find your strength.

Challenge your beliefs. Sit with your fear. Befriend your insecurities. Love all parts of you.

Strengthen your connection – to spirit, to your life force, to that which gives you hope and joy. Connect your body to your heart mind and soul by doing something you love every single day.

Connect to loved ones in a responsible way. Care for yourself and others. Smile. Be patient.

So please take time to slow down – you’ve been given world-wide approval to do that.

Feel and consider deeply into how you move through these times.

Please practise radical self-care – that means move your body every day, dance, sing, joke, use your voice for good, exercise, get out in nature, pet an animal, smell the flowers, dig your hands in the mud, feel the earth beneath your feet. Make a craft or hobby item.

But most of all take heart in knowing this is a situation out of our control and yet is a gift in disguise offering the opportunity to see and experience our inner strengths. We have more control over how we feel than we realise.

This is a time to step into individual power and collective compassion.

Go within and find your strength and self-nurturance.

Meditate and pray in your own way daily too.

Once you feel better, share with others how they can too.

Blessings to you and our world.

Let’s use this chance to make it a better place.

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