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Cry and Release

Crying is a beautiful thing. Painful and yet soulful at the same time.

When you’ve held a lot of trauma in your body, crying is your body’s way of defrosting the trauma that was frozen in your body. It releases the stress that got locked in from emotional, physical or mental anguish and pain.

How do you know? You feel less tense afterward.

Children instinctively cry when hurt, shocked, upset or in pain. If left to process that through, they resume to being happy. There’s a big clue there.

Crying is very cleansing and ultimately brings more joy and expansion.

I’ve had some painful crying triggers lately. Accepting this and letting it roll was very liberating and I felt more vibrant and alive afterwards.

It’s always degrees and shades. A lightening of the load, a feeling of a little more calm but most importantly, a knowing that life is working through me and with me and all I need do is allow. And surrender to the unfolding.

When life next asks you to set yourself free with tears, how will you respond?

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