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Dance with nobody watching.

Yes, it’s all about you.

Go with your own rhythm. Maybe you are shy and being watched makes you nervous, so why would you try to dance when someone is watching. That will only clam you up even more.

Far easier and more satisfying to dance and move your energy freely, allowing it to move in uninhibited ways.

You know what helps.

Maybe it is best at home, or out in nature or in a conscious dance party or even in the privacy of your bedroom.

The important part is to let your body enjoy the movement, allow it to breathe and experience the magic.

We are each of us very creative beings. We create our circumstances. Do that next time you want to dance.

Because life is constantly flowing, dancing, moving, weaving, expressing and life wants you to feel its joy through you, through your body moving.

Feel. Allow. Taste. Sense. Breathe. Be. TM

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