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Listen and be loved

Your body is infinitely wise, all-knowing and all-sensing.

Yet we forget to utilise its precious gift of insight and instead wrack our brains trying to "figure" something out.

If you are getting stuck in making a decision, take a moment and observe your body, what is it feeling, what are the feelings or emotions. Are they light or heavy? Expansive or contracted. Is there fear or anxiety? Anger or resignation? Sadness or joy?

The body's clues can help you make a much better decision as it takes into account the complexity of your whole being, your habits, temperaments, what is kind for you, what you enjoy, what you need and what changes are needed concerning the decision - if only you know how to tune in.

So make today the day you begin to honour your inner wisdom, listen within, we all know how and with practise, the memory and deftness of tuning in will increase.

Your body will absolutely love you for it!


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