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More polarity please

We live in an age where there is too much blandness. Women and men both trying to be something they aren’t and living in a kind of sexual no-man's land (pardon the pun). Men and women are equal but not the same. That’s a biological and physical fact and while we are here living in physical form, that has to be taken into account.

How can I say this?

The other day I was about a metre away from a man and felt his inner masculine presence. Now I’m not attracted to this man and didn’t want to sleep with him, but in feeling this pure masculine energy it allowed me to relax into my inner feminine essence. It wasn’t about how he was dressed or what he was doing, it wasn’t about my high heels (there were none) or makeup (none either) but the inner essence of each of us.

If there was interest or availability for either of us, these polarities would definitely be playing out. But that wasn’t on the agenda and life is not always about this.

Life is an experience to be had and it’s much better when you know who you are. At a fundamental level a man needs to feel his masculinity within and a woman needs to feel her femininity within. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, not because of the external accoutrements, but that deep knowing within that is unshakable and demands that you allow yourself space to be that - your predominant polarity. (We also have the opposite quality within too but that’s a topic for another blog).

This confidence only comes about from experiencing your inner essence, for when you are in your predominant polarity, it brings about a different experience of your life, helping you feel more alive inside, more sure of yourself and comfortable in your own skin.

In intimate relationships, men and women need each other to be more. Women really open up when they feel the safety of their man’s inner masculine and men long to bathe in their woman’s glorious inner feminine. Its a beautiful state for a couple to be in.

Out in the world, there is a desperate need for more harmony and working together of the masculine and feminine. We’ve achieved a lot with the masculine but at the expense of feminine qualities. We need a shift to more inclusiveness where both qualities are valued and taken into account.

But how can you do this when you aren’t sure of yourself?

Tantra teaches us how to reconnect with and strengthen our inner masculine and feminine and then from this place, we feel more at ease and go about our days in a more harmonious way, whatever we are doing.

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