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Need a break? Then meditate!

If you’re on the personal growth path you’re likely getting a lot of information. Some of it might be confusing or contradictory.

You try this, you try that and end up overwhelmed, not knowing how to make sense of it all.

Don’t worry there is a useful fix.

Simply unplug for just a few nanoseconds in a daily meditation practice – and let your inner guru lead the way.

Any amount of time is good. For me right now, I feel 20 minutes works because it’s not too much time but I allow myself to even just go for 10 minutes or as much as 40 minutes, depending on my mood.

There is no goal to achieve anyway, but you must start somewhere.

So try for yourself today – just 10 minutes. See how it goes for you. Don’t expect anything in particular. Just do the time. And see how life unfolds.

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