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The gift in your body

Updated: May 18, 2019

We call living in the moment the present. We call presents gifts. What is the link to your body?

The body is your earthly vehicle to heavenly delights. The deliciousness of food, scents, textures, massage, visually stunning landscapes or even a close-up of a flower in the garden. A dip in the ocean, warm sun on your face. The sounds of a favourite song. All these are in our everyday life just waiting to be enjoyed.

Sexuality and sensuality take this further, as lovemaking is an easy path to moments beyond even these delights. It doesn’t always happen but when it does you will be amazed. Its because lovemaking touches on all the senses and the body, heart and soul all at once.

As a woman opens to receiving she can go really deep and access completely sublime zen-like experiences, taking her places she has never ever before been.

These regenerative knowing experiences awaken dormant energies within and every woman is capable of such joy and bliss.

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