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Why tantric love-making can help heal the planet

Tantra teaches us to deeply honour the masculine and feminine in equal measure.

When a couple makes love in a conscious way using principles taught in Tantra, which are very down to earth, such as not striving for an end goal in sex, simply exploring, touching, experiencing what is coming up, seeing and being seen, then an ever so subtle and yet incredibly profound deep inner transformation begins to take place.

For a woman, she receives the masculine and experiences this divine energy in a nourishing, fortifying way and for a man, he begins to feel the absolute deliciousness and safety of being held and caressed by the divine feminine.

Deep inside energetically and physically, new links are being forged in the body mind spirit. As a man has a female side, when touched and transformed by this type of deep loving and healing, he begins to gather more wholeness within himself.

For the woman, she begins to bring together the dual sides of her nature, the yin and yang, active and passive principles.

Yet she remains in her essential polarity and he remains in his dominant polarity but now each has experienced a safe encounter with the other, this means there is now an accommodation in each gender for the other


Believe it nor not, aware of it or not, there is much fear between the sexes at a level we don’t consciously process. One only needs to look at the state of the world to see how this is playing out.

Enter tantric teachings and practices. These show a way that man can be more at ease with the feminine and woman can be more at ease with the masculine.

More internal integration can take place. If I have a language to understand another, it makes my dealings with them easier. This is what is happening at one level of tantric relating. It doesn’t have to be about sex but sex is an easy place for a couple to start to learn this language of relating.

And here’s the big one. The ramifications of this rippling out into the world will mean less fighting because each person with such experience is forever changed and more at peace within. He or she will approach others from a place of valuing the masculine and feminine principles, ideas, beliefs etc.

When both energies are combined you get better design, softer solutions, more robust arrangements and more caring in the world at work, at home, in the school system and so on.

· Tantric practices are available for both singles and those in relationship. This is just one example of its application.


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