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Worshipping the ground you walk on

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

I love nature. We are intimately connected to nature and she is our greatest friend when it comes to getting into balance and harmony. Mother nature is nurturing, providing a stable base for life to exist. When you go out and stand on the earth, it literally supports you, providing a solid platform under your feet.

The energy of the earth especially if you are barefoot is available to you particularly via the kidney meridian points on your feet (in the soft padding at the top of your foot). Kidney governs life energy and vitality, so if you need a pep up at any time of the day, kick off those shoes and get grounded.

If you are feeling stressed, imagine the stress draining out of you into your feet and sending it to the earth for recycling. Nothing is ever wasted and it is just energy which is not serving you, so let it go.

The earth our great mother, can handle it. Just like a big hug from a loved one can ease distress, mother earth will support you. So breathe out and release the stress and strain. Then draw in a fresh breath of new life energy from the earth up through your feet filling your whole body.

You will immediately feel better, more calm and supported.

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