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You have everything you need

Life is full of persuasion and suggestion about how to maximise your life. Make it better by doing something. Well that is always true but we can get caught out by looking ahead all the time and not taking a moment to appreciate what is right here right now.

In actual truth, you have everything you need right now, even if your life isn't perfect and especially if it isn't how you had imagined it would be sometime in the past.

There are plenty of blessings to be had in your life if you take a moment to appreciate. That means being okay with who you are, what you've achieved to date and where you are at right now. What if this is the greatest secret - that all is well and so you make it. We create everything with our vibration - the power and intention of our thoughts, even if we aren't aware of it and it goes unnoticed as its automatic most of the time.

Being grateful or at least acknowledging what you have, that you are healthy and well, that you love and have people and things to love. That you are breathing and at choice in every moment. Every next moment. Life is so full. Its there for you to feel the fullness.

So please take a moment to fill yourself up with the richness and majesty of your own

creation that is your life!!

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