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Your Body can Help You

Having moments of overwhelm or frazzle?

Your body is your new best friend. Look after it and it will help you slow down, feel calmer and soften.

Take time right now to close your eyes and scan your body, connecting from within.

Take a hand and touch any part of your body. Relax into that security.

Mentally acknowledge and thank your body for always being there for you even when you aren’t paying any attention to it.

I can feel plenty of tension in the air at the moment so body self-care is on my priority list each and every day. Here are some of the 3 minute fixes I use:

- Lie down with a pillow under your knees

- Stretch your legs, do spinal twists and any yoga pose

- Child’s pose – putting my head on the earth brings immediate serenity and relief

- Breathe in, lift your shoulders to your ears, then release SLOWLY as you breathe out

- Make a really long aaahh sound as your breathe out

- Soak your feet for 5 minutes in a bucket of warm water with a half cup of Epsom salts (calms the mind, brings energy from the head down helping you feel more serene)

- Lastly place your hands with thumbs interlocking on your lower belly – this brings a feeling of calm to your whole being. Can be done at work, on the train, any time you are sitting.

To your renewed wellness.

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