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Your dream life one thread at a time

We all hear a lot about living your truth and going for your dreams but what if you don’t know what your truth is or can’t drop everything to pursue it?

If you think of your life as a tapestry, every time you take a single step in stating your truth – you weave a thread of your truth into your tapestry and over time that comes through in the overall picture.

What could that look like?

Speaking up when you normally wouldn’t.

Finding your no when it’s always a yes to something you don’t want to do.

Telling a loved one how you really feel.

Owning up to your desires and being okay with that.

Making a plan to do something fun for yourself and carrying through with it.

Feeling shy but saying hello anyway.

If you want to create a tapestry with lots of green, then using the green thread a lot will make that happen or it could be purple or gold…

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