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Ramp up your love life

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

When your relationship has gone into a low-sex stage you may believe this is how it is now. But you are wrong.

Sex is physical, mental, emotional and energetic. You may have tried working on the first three but find your man seems more interested in burying himself in Netflix than you. Don’t despair as it’s the subtle energetic currents between you that is creating this stale-mate.

The key is to find and then enable the energy within yourself of aliveness, of softening into your man, of wanting him to enter you and inviting that in. It’s subtle but magnetic and will create an energetic connection between the two of you that demands action.

It will pull your two bodies, hearts, minds and souls together until you meet in the middle. Then an interchange takes place – love is made, sex is had, joy and embrace are found. Birds sing. Your heart lifts, he relaxes and so do you.

Happy coupling!

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