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Topping up your sexual juice

Updated: Apr 26, 2018

Your sexual energy is your life energy. As every woman knows, when she feels tired or drained, she pulls back into herself and withdraws her sexual energy. It’s a natural thing as you don't feel the energy for life yet alone sex. Luckily, there is a simple fix.

Take better care of yourself.

When a woman looks after her own needs and guards her energy reserves by saying no to things that deplete her she begins to build her inner energy and sexual fire.

What to say no to?

· Excessive commitments and a tight schedule with no room for you

Running all over the place chasing after children or family commitments, giving teens a lift when its not really necessary

· Lying to yourself about what makes you happy

· Work work work and no rest

· Putting up with rudeness from anyone

What to say yes to?

· Exercise and relaxation

· Core strengthening routines

· Activating those PC muscles either during lovemaking or any time you remember

· Kindness and appreciation

· Doing something you love on a daily basis

· Taking time out just for you

· Listening within

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