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What is tantra and how can it help you?

There are many ways to explain tantra but here are just a few.

For me, tantra is a way of being and experiencing life. It is a concept, an art form and a deeply satisfying practice.

Its in our breath, our sensations and feelings, what we notice and how we participate in our lives as well as the union of opposite polarities (masculine and feminine).

Tantra means expansion and there are practices which will get you in touch with your aliveness, openness and life energy, to nourish you from within, in both a sexual and non-sexual way.

Most people put tantra into two categories – non-sexual (breathing and meditation practice) and sexual (though sometimes taking it completely out of context). Actually it is much much more.

Tantra allows you to experience a more liberated and joyful relationship not just with others, but most importantly, with yourself. Sexual energy is life energy and it is sacred.

At a physiological level, it creates the most profound thing in life, new life and when used in the right way, can benefit you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It can be practised solo or with a partner and can completely transform your understanding of yourself and your world.

So the benefit to you is a massively increased openness to life’s deliciousness, sexual and non-sexual aspects of experiencing, a connection within, a coming home to yourself and deeper contentment in your life. And of course, one happy person means a slightly better world, many many happier people equals a much nicer world, so the potential is unlimited.

This blog series will explore some of the many facets of tantra. I hope you enjoy reading these.

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