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Why being selfish helps others

When you look within and decide to take care of yourself – your feelings, reactions, emotions, behaviours and thoughts – you become self-centred.

In our society being self-centred is often confused with being self-conceited and only concerned for the self. And that gets a bad rap.

But if you’re used to tuning into the energies, feelings and needs of others, the ability to separate out from that is vital for your wellbeing. When you try this, you find you stand in your own power and are no longer in a place where anyone or anything outside of you can control you.

You remember it is your job to look after yourself. You get less distracted by other’s dramas or handling those. You become more internally aligned and this straightness within supports you to be more open.

It also allows others to take care of themselves, because you no longer try to fix them and they no longer feel you are trying to control or change them. They no longer need to get defensive and this stops the energetic tugging on the strings of “control” between people.

Being selfish is a win-win for everyone.

And our natural birthright.

It is the healthiest way for every person to be themselves and be safe and supported.

Because when we turn inside and find what we are looking for, it makes us less needy.

So try being selfish for a change.

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